February is the month for LOVE….

Spring is approaching and love is definitely in the air with the month of February nearly here…….so I decided to paint a special piece of love artwork to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2015. The art painting called “LOVE in any language” is a celebration of love, depicting the word “LOVE” in 47 languages. It was great fun to research the term, and to recognise the similarities of this four-lettered word.

My idea behind the art painting was, that simply put love looks the same irrespective of where you are. It needs no language and neither is language a barrier to love. I used the various languages to make up the word “LOVE”, which is “smiling” in the painting. Then I super-imposed a kiss over the words, as love is often celebrated by a gorgeous kiss from red lips, bursting with emotion. Please take a look at the art painting in my conceptual gallery.

Given we live in a modern age, where multi-sensory stimulation is available, I use sound and sight in videos to also convey the theme of my art paintings. I have produced a video to accompany this painting. The video was absolutely lovely, and even I find it quite touching to watch on YouTube.

love in any language oil painting contemporary February Valentines Day Elle Smith   “Love looks the same wherever you are…
”I will be continuing this theme for February, as it is important to love every day that we are on the planet:)
Thank you!!

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