“Future and Behind” Exhibition – Venice

INVITATION – If you are going to Italy this Summer, please visit CON-TEMPORARY 5 to see my painting of “Memories of Venice” in this exhibition.
This is an exhibition aimed to answer with critical sensibility to the vision of the 56th International Biennale di Venezia called “All the World’s Futures”. Starting from the concept enclosed in the phrase “aka-ta qhipa uru”, that in the language of Aymara people means “from now to behind”, the exhibition suggests that in order to see what is good and useful in our hands, we must look backwards. Aymara people’s attitude is characterized by a one-of-a-kind and antithetical concept of time: unlike the contemporary man who imagines he transits the present time with the future in front and the past behind, Aymaras see themselves with the past in front and the future behind the shoulders.



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