"If you cannot say something nice, then don't say anything at all!"

"If you cannot say something nice, then don't say anything at all!"

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Social media and internet accessibility offers us all the means to be heard, but more importantly to publish to the world. This has meant that organizations, public figures and even politicians have had to rethink their strategies. Most have reluctantly taken to tweeting, being followed by internet surveillance; as the trend has grown exponentially.

A short while back, we would blindly accept what was being told and only challenge at election times, often 'voting with both feet' firmly directed at those with whom we had become disenchanted.

The digital age affords us even the ability to vote through the television or mobile phone. Careers may seemingly be ruined in minutes with a single faux pas. The justice system faces a constant battle where the Press is either Leveson "controlled", or with rules of sub judice. The public may publish anonymously if they wish, inadvertently gaining access witnesses and juries alike. 

A recent super injunction was ineffective in the United Kingdom, as social media allowed the details to be discussed and accessed in other regions, not subject to the contempt order.

Clearly, digital media is great for certain topics and purposes, for example raising awareness of a charitable event, responding to global disaster or even finding "missing people". 

However, there is an immeasurable downside; as with most traditional publishing there are rules, standards of acceptability or legislature as a last resort to manage the most difficult situations. Observing current trends, many people feel empowered by the ability to berate, attack and often abuse others. 

"A victory is not fairly fought if your enemy has no sword, or his hands are bound." Surely, as human beings we should recognise this?

This is a lesson that most learned in their early days of school, where the "bully" picked on others who were different , vulnerable or an unassuming opponent. It was not fair or acceptable then, and neither is it today in a time where as human beings we have advanced. 

Another important lesson that I once learned was that you must always consider whether someone is ready and able to cope with the information, that you may wish to impart upon them. Strange though it may seem, many people prefer to live in ivory towers with dainty picket white fences. Often, they cannot cope with their dream world being shattered. Alternatively, some are affected adversely by negative or opinionated information, and can act based on their perception of what was said. There is great responsibility with having an audience, which must always be borne in mind each time we post, share or comment. Our snippet may be translated differently by the ears of our listener.

Maybe this behaviour is a bi-product of oppression and stress, in that we are seeing people constantly disrespecting others. Nevertheless, it is not right, or okay to do so. Reserve lambasting people for those times when we really do need to make a significant point. Application of our emotional intellect often produces far better results in times of conflict, or challenging situations. Usually, when the time comes, we often realise that "killing the enemy with kindness" is a far better way to win a war!!!



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