Positivity breeds goodness

I appreciate that social media allows more people the ability to publish their views and opinions, however this should not be an excuse for bad behaviour. Surely, it is even more important to be polite, thoughtful and kind at every opportunity, which as you are often allowed direct access others on a close level of intimacy.

My parents always reminded us as children, of the simple motto "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". It may seem basic but it is still meaningful in the workplace, home and social areas of our lives.

Yesterday, I was disappointed to see what I can only describe as 'poisonous' statements about the late Muhammad Ali. Personally, I felt this was inexcusable to attack someone who is deceased, and unable to defend their reputation. However, this is more than just that as I always see no victory in a situation where an opponent is disadvantaged in some way. Clearly, the situation is a no win, so to me there serves no point!

It also concerns me that so many people seemingly have some negativity at their core. Clearly, life is very stressful and challenging nowadays; however this is still no excuse to attack others or indeed to misbehave wherever you are.

We have choices in life, and certainly choosing to remain positive is one that we all have the option of taking. However, positivity is contagious and may cancel negativity without effort.

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