This gallery features inspirational abstract art paintings. Each abstract art painting in oils is considered carefully by Elle Smith before the artwork is created to ensure a contemporary, and eye-catching canvas.  The abstract art paintings for sale in this gallery explore the use of colour, shapes and creativity, resulting in the motivational art that is displayed. Abstract art allows the freedom to fully express emotion as creativity is truly only limited by imagination.

"Abstract art depicts intangible objects and concepts, which do not exist in the natural world. I really love creating abstract artworks as it allows me to use imagination and creativity without any limit or boundary. I can experiment with various combinations of colours and shapes that depict my thoughts and feelings. In addition, it allows me absolute freedom without boundaries and the outcomes are always quite unique and awe-inspiring on many levels."

We appreciate it is not always possible to access artists and exhibitions, and we hope that we can reach more people by producing multimedia to give more insight into the creativity of Elle Smith. This media can be accessed on the Inspired By Elle YouTube channel, where you can be creatively inspired by the abstract art paintings of this contemporary London artist.