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This contemporary oil painting of the Western Lowland Gorilla is compact and cute, as it's full of fun sat on a 10 by 8 inch canvas. UK artist Elle Smith has injected humour into this art animal art painting of the endangered baby gorilla by adding a christmas cracker. 

A delightful and colourful oil painting of an endangered animal, who is a herbivore consuming over 100 species of fruit. The Western Lowland Gorilla as the name suggests lives in the lowlands of central Africa and is by far the most numerous species of gorilla. There are estimated to be around 100,000 of this species in the wild. The majority are found in the dense forests of the Congo, where the remoteness and swamps foster ideal conditions for this elusive gorilla.

Their family structure is small at 4 to 8 members, with the females being half the size of the male silverbacks. However, the critically endangered Western Lowland Gorilla is hunted for bushmeat, or to be kept as pets, their habitat has been lost and most recently this species was dramatically affected by ebola hemorrhagic fever. It is estimated that its numbers have already been depleted by a third due to the virus. WWF have been working hard to adapt the human vaccine to save these gorillas, please click here to find out how you can help.

Our contemporary animal art painting in oils is produced to place this species on the map, and highlight the risks faced by the Western Lowland Gorillas. Elle Smith has painted a baby gorilla as often the future of an endangered species, will depend on the young being allowed to thrive. Here, we have a baby laughing joyfully and this is all inspired by a christmas cracker!

Please view the video which provides educational information about the species in a visual format, click here to view.

The Western Lowland Gorilla by London artist, Elle Smith, is colourful and inspired animal art painting, which has proved highly popular on social media.

Oil on canvas, 10 by 8 inches (25 by 20cm)


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This is a beautifully done canvas, exceptional detail, excellent composition, technically flawless in execution, love the colours.

Gilbert, Thank you so very much for the comment!!
The Western Lowland Gorilla is one of my favourite paintings, and I thoroughly enjoyed painting him. I think the mint green works really well to amplify his colourng :)

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