A Key to the Future

Inspired By Elle

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This conceptual art painting is inspired by the need to express hope, even whilst being homeless. Depicted in an intelligent piece of motivational artwork with this message. Foundations - A Key to the Future truly brings home the message of hope.

This was commissioned for a charity supporting young people aged under 25 years who find themselves experiencing homelessness. The conceptual art demonstrates the importance of having foundations in life, as this in fact, gives birth to our future. Foundations are indeed the key to the future, which is sadly why homelessness is truly a trap, into which many find themselves. However, it is particularly harsh to those young people affected.  

Sadly, this oil painting is no longer available as it was donated to the same charity. However, Inspired By Elle is proud to have composed this oil painting as a beacon of hope to others.

The artist uses shades of green and lilac to show growth and new sprouts. This conceptual art painting is vibrant and full of life, despite being composed around a very sobering and challenging issue. Homelessness is not a new issue, however it is one of the biggest challenges to governments in the 21st Century and a time when our social and technological advances should have put this problem to rest forever.

A bright oil painting with vibrancy and life as is the case with any new beginnings. The keyhole is illuminated to the background to show hope of a new home, along with the words "foundations build the future of those with faith". The hope being that this will inspire those facing homelessness. This artwork may be paired with the poem about a home, which can be viewed read by clicking on the name "Four Walls".

We all need reminding of the seeds of a Key to the Future, as sometimes the conceptual art of looking at foundations may escape us all with the challenges of everyday life.

Oil on Canvas, 16 by 20 inches (40 by 50cm)



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