The Weeping Willow

Inspired By Elle

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The abstract art painting of The Weeping Willow is colourful delight, Styled in bright oil paints, London artist, Elle Smith is able to awaken the soul with this painting. This painting may be requested for sale.

This abstract art painting takes the view that this tree represents golden tears of sadness, giving an alternative reasoning for the name of the "Weeping Willow'.

A stunning play on words in the painting and poem "Teardrops", which attempt to explain the weeping willow tree in a colourful abstract painting.

The video explaining the inspiration behind this painting can be viewed here.

The Weeping Willow is a play on words, visualized by real teardrops in this abstract art painting being displayed on the tree. Great for a minimalist home where a flash of colour is required to alight a white or pastel wall.

Oil on Canvas, 16 by 12 inches (40 by 30cm)

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