The Sun never sets on Conflict

Inspired By Elle

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The oil painting of 'The Sun Never Sets On Conflict' is simply conceptual art at its best, where the viewer is asked to reflex to times of past with examination of the current at same time. London artist, Elle Smith creates a meaningful painting in oil paints. For Sale upon Request.

This piece of abstract by Elle Smith asks you to reason why conflict never ends. Over time we seemingly regress back to conflict, proving conflict is never the answer.

War is never any easy topic to discuss, but history has taught us that war simply breeds more war with this regression to the past. Elle Smith has written a contemporary poem, called W.A.R. or Why Arrogance Ruled?, in it's alternative title. 

The artist has used aircraft of old and current to demonstrate a regression to the past, with a stunning sunset in the background. We equally have different soldiers in the foreground, who stand amidst the explosion of an atomic bomb.

The video to accompany this oil painting can be viewed here.

This art painting is dramatic and thought-provoking as it simply displays that  conflict breeds more conflict, and shows we seemingly do not educate ourselves given this knowledge from past events. The colourful sunset is interrupted and circumvented by planes of old and new, and soldiers of different nations, with an atomic bomb seemingly overshadowing the whole scene. A truly epic painting!

Oil on Canvas, 12 by 10 inches (30 by 25cm)



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