The Sumatran Tiger Cub

Inspired By Elle

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Perfectly inspired by The Sumatran Tiger Cub, this animal art painting in oils is uniquely engaging. London artist, Elle Smith uses oil to capture the vulnerability displayed in the eyes of this endangered animal. This animal art painting is for sale upon request on this website.

This animal art painting of a Sumatran tiger cub has eyes which captivate and seemingly hold your attention. Another species which is native to Sumatra and is facing extinction.

One of our firm favourites as we produced a limited edition t-shirt with this image on the front, and it was amazing in both black and white. Maybe you saw the t-shirt advertisement.

The video is a "must watch" given the effort to produce a short film explaining the devastation to the beautiful island of Sumatra. Please say you care by supporting WWF to save the planet, and natural habitat to some of the most amazing animals that exist in our time. 

This animal art painting of the Sumatran Tiger Cub is a great favourite as the eyes display a sadness that is conveyed to anyone viewing this artwork.

Oil on Canvas, 10 by 8 inches (25 by 20cm)

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