The Ring Tailed Lemur of Madagascar

Inspired By Elle

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London artist, Elle Smith creates a magical animal art painting of the Ring-Tailed Lemur of Madagascar in stunning oil paints. This animal art painting is compact and is clearly inspired by the fun nature of this endangered animal. Please contact us with your request for purchase, and any requests for framing if you so wish.

This art painting depicts an animal which is amazing with it's distinctive black and white ring tail. It is renowned for singing and sashaying - a word that is clearly perfectly descriptive of the dance moves exhibited by this species. Another species found in Madagascar, but sadly also endangered.

How many of us would love to seemingly live in the moment like this creature, with whom we have become acquainted through the Disney movies? Let's celebrate and also protect the Ring-Tailed Lemur of Madagascar, which has indeed become a favourite movie star to us all.

A vibrant animal portrait which may be paired with our poem "Every Minute", as this animal definitely lives in the moment.

Please sashay along to this fun video about the ring-tailed lemur of Madagascar, and of court his captivating animal art painting.

Oil on Canvas, 10 by 8 inches (25 by 20cm)

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