The Red Squirrel

Inspired By Elle

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The endangered Red Squirrel animal art painting is beautifully colourful and realistic. Nature can occupy your home with this compact animal art painting in oil paints by London artist, Elle Smith. You may request a frame of your choice at the time of purchase.

Once upon a time red squirrels were prevalent throughout the British Isles, with their colourful coats and gloriously fluffy tails. This artwork highlights their endangered status.

They have now become endangered as their numbers continue to decline, since the introduction of the grey squirrel. Yet this fur coat with it's stunning array of tans, reds and white is far more interesting than it's competitor.

Our fun video about the animal art painting of the red squirrel please click here.

This animal art painting by London artist Elle Smith is aimed at raising awareness; and to ensure that the red squirrel does not disappear completely from our gardens and countryside.

Oil on Canvas, 8 by 10 inches (20 by 25cm)

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