The Polar Bear

Inspired By Elle

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London artist, Elle smith uses oil paints to realistically compose this animal art painting of The Polar Bear. Cute and cuddly, this animal art painting will be a cool favourite for all of the family. This artwork is available for sale on request and may be framed to your choice.

Polar bears have always been a popular species, probably because of their fluffy white coats. This animal art painting gives the panda bear a new platform rather than the snow.

They are classified as a marine mammal as the spend the majority of their time on the sea ice of the Arctic Circle. Sadly, climate change is posing a real threat to this species and in 2008 they were placed on the Endangered Species List. They are reliant on the ice for hunting, breeding and raising young as a place to rest for their family.

Please view our video about the polar bear here, to find out some more interesting facts about this endangered species.

It is truly heart wrenching to discover that these solitude creatures are endangered, so please raise awareness of the Polar Bear. This story is a harsh reminder that perhaps man has to tread very carefully with his interactions with wildlife.  Animal art painting is the way Elle Smith participates to raise awareness of these endangered species.

Oil on Canvas, 10 by 8 inches (25 by 20cm)

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