The Conflict Tree

Inspired By Elle

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The Conflict Tree art painting by London artist, Elle Smith is on point. It is a clever piece of conceptual art, which offers reasons behind conflict. Conceptually intelligent, it uses oil paint to offer reflection over world conflicts. A unique piece of art, which is only available for sale upon request.

This is a complex and interesting piece of conceptual artwork, which visualises the reasons for conflict in a tree. The lower branches show the initial causes and how the whole tree over time becomes consumed with interlocking forms of conflict. The lady tries to resolve the conflict, even by shouting instruction. There are several other elements to this artwork, perhaps not immediately visible at a first glance.

A topic which has stirred much debate, however do we actually ever really take a step back from the situation, to consider the reasons why conflict begins. This is in fact, the only way to approach this emotion-driven topic. We often do not even seek a meeting of the minds as to what each side regard as the core issues. This should be the starting point to any resolution as we can become entrenched with feelings and emotions. How many times when situations of extreme conflict exist for years, do the true reasons for the conflict become forgotten. Fire can never be extinguished with fire, however if we find out why the fire is caused and how to quell it then we can extinguish that situation.

Please feel free to view our video and poem which equally explain the inspiration and rationale behind this stunning, modern art painting.

This artwork is colourful and insightful about considering the reasons why conflict starts, and ultimately the ways to eradicate those disputes.

Oil on Canvas, 16 by 12 inches (40 by 30cm)


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