The Commitment Bubble

Inspired By Elle

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The Commitment Bubble by UK artist, Elle Smith is a very popular piece of contemporary artwork. Created in oils and inspired by an inspirational theme, this a great piece of art for the home or office. Artwork is available for sale upon request.

A complex piece of conceptual art by Elle Smith, which is thought-provoking as it asks the reasons why people commit to others, or sometimes why they do not commit. UK artist Elle Smith uses bubble art to depict the various reasons for committing to another, thus applying a modern twist to the concept of 'bursting the bubble'.

Accompanied by a video and poem both carrying the same title.

This modern art painting suggests a number of reasons to debate commitment, like money, freedom, security, career, balance, marriage, home, happiness, love and the unity of mind, body and soul. I wonder which one you would choose, or whether you would select an order of importance to these factors?

Artwork which literally bursts the bubble on commitment!

Oil on Canvas, 20 by 16 inches (50 by 40cm)

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