The Bonobo

Inspired By Elle

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The Bonobo is an animal art painting that will give you a warm smile each time you view it. Elle Smith uses oil paints on a very compact canvas to create this endangered animal artwork. This animal art painting is available for sale upon request.

This endangered species of chimpanzee is highly intelligent, sharing about 98% of the same DNA as humans. Depicted in the endangered collection to highlight the plight of our closest relative, that many people do not realise exist as they are indigenous to only the Congo.

An animal art painting with such clarity, particularly as this animal has some resemblances to human beings. This could provide a fun gift, as the eyes have a special appeal. This chimpanzee is known as the "make love" species as they prefer to resolve conflict in a friendly, non-aggressive way. 

You can view the Bonobo video by clicking on the word here. This will make you appreciate why the animal art painting of the Bonobo had to be part of Elle Smith's collection of endangered species.

Oil on Canvas, 8 by 10 inches (20 by 25cm)

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