The Baby Snow Leopard

Inspired By Elle

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The animal art painting of The Baby Snow Leopard by Elle Smith is truly art to treasure, as you have a taste of nature in your home. Endangered animal art paintings in oils are truly special. This art painting is already framed in white and is available for sale on request.

This was the first endangered animal art painting created by Elle Smith. It is therefore somewhat special for this reason. The baby snow leopard here is just caught in the midst of playing. 

We simply love the magnificent snow leopard and the baby has enormous cuteness factor. This animal in the wild goes to great lengths to remain hidden and camouflaged against it's mountain habitat. The perfect reason for us to illuminate this amazing creature and highlight it's endangered status. Please visit the WWF page here, to learn more fascinating facts about how we can all help to save snow leopards in the wild.

We created a captivating video to show how much the snow leopard means to Inspired by Elle. This video composition is our way of introducing the animal art painting of the Baby Snow Leopard to you, and also gives some educational insight into this species.

Oil on Canvas, 8 by 10 inches (20 by 25cm)

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