Sea of Tranquility

Inspired By Elle

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Sea of Tranquility is a commercial art painting in lovely oil pastels which is inspired by tropical sea water, and composed by London Artist, Elle Smith. This oil painting is colourful and would be perfect for commercial offices and boardrooms. Please contact us if you wish to purchase this commercial art painting.

We all like to take "time out" and relax, hoping to get to that zone where we have peace and calm. This Sea of Tranquility painting affords us that escape by simply watching the ebb and flow of the waves. This artwork provides a snapshot of tropical waters, thus allowing you to escape to your own utopia. 

There is something magical and therapeutic about tropical sea water, which we all love. The artist has zoomed in to capture a snapshot square of the clarity and colour of those waters with a gentle surface wave flowing across the artwork. The therapy here is one of allowing us to escape for a momentary glance at this image. 

This commercial art painting is perfect to hang on the walls of a number of places - the home, office, hospitality, therapy and hospital locations. You will see this item is listed in our Commercial Collection, as often tranquility and reflection is required in a business-setting. Sea of Tranquility will provide exactly that in a stylish format. The beauty of this contemporary artwork is in the simplicity and colour.

The video to accompany this commercial art painting is very relaxing, and gives you a feeling of peace and escapism, as the Sea of Tranquility no longer has to be just on the moon. Please click here to view the video. 

Oil on Canvas, 12 by 12 inches (30 by 30cm)

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