Scent of a Rose

Inspired By Elle

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This product is only available upon request. Contact us for a price.

Scent of a Rose is a stunning statement piece of flower art. An oil painting on a narrow canvas, this artwork is colourful and inspirational. A detailed and realistic painting, which is available for sale if requested via the contact us on this website.

This beautiful painting depicts the aroma from a single red rose. This symbol of love and affection is timeless, and this painting captures the detail and even aroma of the rose.

One for the ladies, as any woman would love this art painting. It has a sense of love, romance and reality. The detail of the petals is great, coupled with the idea of scent allows for much romantic visualisation. 

A perfect gift for a loved one, or someone special, whom you want to impress with a unique gift. You may not be aware of our artist's poetry. However, this artwork paired with one of the poems in our A Poem A Day collection would make not only a massive statement, but also the perfect romantic gift. You may be seeking uniqueness and style, so why not ask for personalisation by the artist signing this to your partner, or "secret" love for Valentine's. Whatever your need or wish, we are always full of creativity and love original ideas, so please get in touch and let us provide the imagination for you,

Oil on Canvas, 20 by 8 inches (50 by 20cm)

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