Sand Cat Beach Party

Inspired By Elle

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The animal art painting in oils of the Sand Cat Beach Party is precious given not only its size, but the fact this is an endangered species. Animal art is unique and engaging. This animal art painting by London artist, Elle Smith is available for sale upon request to the website via contact us.

This species of cat is indigenous to the desert of North Africa and the Middle East. Sadly, they are not suited to domestication as their survival rates are poor. Their fur is adapted on their feet so the glide across the sand without sinking. They even have fur on the soles of their feet, which provides insulation from the heat by day and cold at night. These creatures are nocturnal and love to burrow, often they will remain on watch with their heads peering out at surface level.

This cat is extremely good at camouflage with its tabby-like fur coating, providing a means of blending discreetly to their surroundings. The sand cat is cute as it is slightly smaller than domestic cats, but of course, this is not great for the species who survive best in the wild.

Some religions hold the sand cat in high esteem as it is believed they were the companions of the Prophet Mohammed and his daughter.

The animal portrait of the Sand Cat Beach Party is somewhat of a play on words, in that this feline has been transported to the beach, where he is building  a miniature sand castle and playing beach ball. This animal art painting injects some of the personality of this nomadic cat, which roams the deserts by night.


Oil on Canvas, 10 by 8 inches (25 by 20 cm)

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