Rising Stars

Inspired By Elle

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A colourful and inspirational oil painting for the office, business and commercial venues. Painted by Elle Smith using oils on canvas. This commercial art painting of Rising Stars makes a great impact statement. You can make your request for purchase direct to the website via the contact us expressing your interest in this contemporary commercial art painting.

This oil painting is an interpretation of the term "rising stars" and the idea was to show the impact. The bright pastel colours are set alight by the stars rising through them. Linear art which is by no means flat, this piece will inspire and adorn any wall beautifully. 

Simplistic business art and yet able to inspire success. A lovely commercial art painting which brings colour subtly to its surroundings. Rising Stars is simple and yet sophisticated, which lends itself to adorning walls in offices, receptions and commercial settings. It is 'ready to go' to mount any wall as it has been painted on a box canvas, so it does not require a frame.

We have composed a video to enhance your experience and express some of the inspiration that may come from this colourful commercial art painting. Click here to join the multimedia introduction of Rising Stars on YouTube.

Oil on Canvas, 12 by 12 inches (30 by 30 cm) 

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