Red Ignition

Inspired By Elle

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Unique contemporary commercial art painting by London-based artist, Elle Smith which is part of our commercial art collection. Red Ignition is an original art painting in wonderful red, which is thought-provoking and stylish. Suited to commercial and office settings, this commercial art painting is available for sale upon request.

Red is a very evocative colour, and can show great emotions like desire, love, anger or even rage. Art which depicts a vibrant colour showing range of extreme feelings. This colour is also often used to denote success, and would therefore be ideal for any business setting.

The artist has used the powerful and strong red as a background, to the moment of ignition of a single flame. The explosion of yellow, blue and white upon combustion. This oil painting was popular on social media channels showing a secret fascination with fire!

We like to evoke images in the mind with each of our art paintings, so please click here to view the video which accompanies this commercial art painting, and provides the full impact of 'Red Ignition'.

Oil on Canvas, 12 by 12 inches (30 by 30cm)

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