Pink Success

Inspired By Elle

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Pink Success is a contemporary commercial art painting in oil paints by UK artist, Elle Smith, which is particularly suited to office and other commercial or business settings. Minimalist and stylish this piece is colourful in Pink. Enquiries about leasing or sale requests should be made via the contact us section.

This commercial art painting in oils will brighten up any boardroom or office. Equally, let's face it, most of us want to walk the corridors of success. This commercial art allows you to do so, whilst shadowed by Pink Success.

Pink is generally regarded as a colour that is positive, giving the hope and inspiration for success. Colour psychology explains this as the combining effect of it's component parts, red giving a need for action mixed with purity and insight of white. Equally, it has a very calming effect, so this linear artwork is a perfect addition to boardrooms and meeting rooms alike. It may be particularly beneficial to law firms and mediators where the desired effect is to calm clients. 

Business art is an important part of the decor of your commercial premises, so choosing commercial art which radiates the right atmosphere to employees and clients alike, is an important yet sometimes challenging task. Inspired By Elle can assist whatever your needs, as you can commission business art or designs. Equally, Elle Smith's contemporary work is intellectually stimulating as it offers alternative perspectives to its audience.

Please click here to view the video to accompany the commercial art painting of "Pink Success".

Oil on Canvas, 12 by 12 inches (30 by 30cm)

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