Baby Amur Leopard

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An animal art painting on canvas featuring an endangered species. The Baby Amur Leopard artwork is a uniquely expressive and realistic piece of artwork by London artist, Elle Smith. She uses emotion in her animal art to capture a true sense of the wildlife that she paints, as demonstrated in this compact oil painting.

This animal art painting is inspired by the theme of "fear". I wanted to paint an artwork about Halloween and thought it would be fun to capture fear in an animal, rather than a human being. This baby has had the fright of his life, and his fluffy fur is literally standing on end!

The oil painting is actually called "Oh my Gosh!" as I imagine this is what this cute baby amur leopard would say - states Elle Smith.

Moreover the Amur Leopard is critically endangered as it is hunted for its fur, which is then sold for thousands of currency. The coat of this leopard is somewhat more unique as it is much paler than the conventional leopards, and this is because of the need to camouflage against the snow. This species is indigenous to the Asian continent, and is hence known as the "Far Eastern Leopard". A small price for such a uniquely beautiful animal, where there are only about 69 remaining in Russia and China.

This animal artwork is truly stunning and would be loved by children and adults alike, as artwork for the home. It could be paired with the poem "Fear" which gives a sense of the impact of fear on the body.

I have attached the links to two organisations who are doing great work to support the Amur Leopard, namely The Zoological Society of London and the World Wide Fund for Nature, just click on their names to access their websites.

The video to explain the inspiration behind this stunning animal art painting of the Baby Amur Leopard is available, if you click here. There are some high quality images of this big cat in its natural environment, and educational information regarding why the Amur Leopard species is endangered.

Oil on Canvas, 10 by 8 inches (25 by 20cm)

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