Music in the Dark

Inspired By Elle

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A unique abstract art painting in oils which is inspired by waves of music interrupting the night. Abstract art in oil paint which is unique and contemporary. This Elle Smith art painting imagines us listening to "Music in the Dark". Ripples are vibrating through the air as the notes impact the room and gently waft through the air. This artwork is available for sale upon request.

It has long been recognised that when we lose the use of a sense, then the remaining senses become heightened and acute. If you ever listen to music in the dark, you can feel the music reverberate through the atmosphere in waves. This abstract art painting shows the impact of a few notes on the silence of the night.

Our video to accompany this artwork asks you question several principles in a satirical way, as to whether you need to see to understand or whether you simply need to see. We live in times where images can be manipulated and information can be "spun" into a plethora of conflicting pieces.

Uniquely contemporary, Music in the Dark by Elle Smith, will suit a modern home with minimalist styling. This abstract art painting is different and yet alluring at the same time!

Oil on Canvas, 16 by 12 inches (40 by 30cm)

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