Love Me Back

Inspired By Elle

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Conceptual art painting at its best, as the 'Love Me Back' artwork by Elle Smith translates unrequited love as a very beautiful situation. The oil painting is set on a block canvas and is inspirational as it shows this love contrary to most opinions as a positive. The original art painting is for sale upon request.

This artwork is an abstract depiction of "Love Me Back" and uses an array of flowers to evoke that feeling from the mourning orchids to joyous chrysanthemum. The artwork is more than just an oil painting, as it shows unrequited love as a beautiful and melancholy thing at the same time. The red, pink and mauve are all colours associated with deep love, mixed here succinctly showing layers of affection.

Botanical art which is simply beautiful and understated. This art painting was awarded a Special Merit Award in the Botanicals Art Competition in May 2016 of the Light Space and Time Online Gallery in Florida. Please click the word here to view the details.

The design of "Love Me Back" was transferred to mulberry silk by our artist, Elle Smith, to create a luxury silk bolero scarf, which is truly beautiful. This fashion scarf is sheer luxury and elegance, as it is multi-dimensional as a conventional scarf and a bolero jacket. Please click here to view the silk bolero scarf, which is suitable for every event and all day long too.

There is poetry to accompany this Love Me Back art painting by the same name, which you can access by clicking here. This is truly a beautiful way to celebrate the strength of unrequited love, even though the recipient may in fact not, 'Love Me Back'.

Oil on Canvas, 12 by 12 inches (30 by 30cm)

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