Love in any Language

Inspired By Elle

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Love in any Language is an eye-catching conceptual art painting. Inspired by love the art painting is alit by red, hot lips to show love is the same everywhere. This oil painting would suit any wall where a big statement is required. For sale if the price is requested.

This piece of abstract art is beautifully composed to show that wherever you see love it looks the same. There are 47 languages represented in the word "LOVE', with a heart and red lips showing us the signs of love we all recognise instantly. A stunning piece of modern heart, which would suit a contemporary location.

Our artist did an amazing job when she created this romantic, contemporary art oil painting. The sense of passion and deep love is "captured" perfectly as were the hearts and souls of all the fans of this oil painting. I have attached a link to the video which explains this artwork, as this was our most popular and loved video thus far. Men and women around the globe shared this video on Valentine's 2015.

Join us in celebrating Love in any Language and use conceptual art to translate this message around the world. Hopefully, one day soon we can eradicate all the hate currently blighting the world.

Oil on Canvas, 16 by 20 inches (40 by 50cm)

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