Layers of My Heart

Inspired By Elle

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This contemporary abstract art painting is composed in oils, depicting Love in the artwork called 'Layers of My Heart'. Insightful art on the topic of love by London artist, Elle Smith. This abstract art painting must be requested for purchase. 

An abstract art painting which expresses the heart as having layers. During our lives we experience many forms of love, and we place those loves in different layers of our heart, sometimes reserving the core for our one true love.

This abstract art painting is best explained by the poem of the same name, as we often struggle to explain the different forms and duplication of true love throughout our lives. The answer is that we can love many people, even at the same time, by placing them in layers within our hearts. 

We also have a short video explaining the inspiration to this abstract art painting of Layers of my Heart.

Oil on Canvas, 16 by 12 inches (40 by 30cm)


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