Grey-Winged Trumpeter

Inspired By Elle

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An endangered animal art painting of the Grey-Winged Trumpeter by London artist, Elle Smith. This bird art painting is captured in oil paints on a compact canvas. This wildlife painting provides contemporary animal art in a miniature format given the canvas size.

This unusual bird is indigenous to South America, in particular the Northern Amazon rainforest and Guiana Shield. This bird is sadly another endangered species. The name of this species is Psophia Crepitans and status is 'near threatened'.

It has stunning soft plumage which is mostly black however the wings are littered with soft grey feathers. The chest is an array of colourful of blue, green and reddish yellows. It may seem similar to the guinea fowl, but has long legs and neck.

Of course with the name of a trumpeter, it does have a birdsong, which is soft humming. However, its call is quite the opposite as a loud, almost honking shriek.

This animal artwork is a compact portrait of the Grey-Winged Trumpeter, sitting with its chest plumage in full display. Elle Smith has painted a stunning animal art painting of this species. There is also a video which provides more educational information about this bird species, please click here to access the video.

Oil on Canvas, 10 by 8 inches (25 by 20cm)


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