Egypt in a Bubble

Inspired By Elle

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This contemporary artistic concept of enclosing Egypt in a Bubble is magical. Memories of the location are captured in oil paint on a small, compact canvas. This bubble art painting will evoke memories of ancient Egypt with its stature and colour. Artist Elle Smith has with contemporary style created a retrospective viewpoint of the ancient land of Egypt, as if peering through a keyhole of time into a bubble.

The Land of Pharaohs is a perfect addition to the artwork in the Inspired By Elle Bubble Collection by Elle Smith, as the pyramids and this ancient time is an era never to be forgotten.

Certain times in history were so colourful and magical, that they inspire great art. Egyptian times were definitely a time of magnificent and amazing structures , as well as tradition and style. This bubble art painting showcases this time of magic and mystery perfectly.

The oil painting of Egypt in a Bubble is a lovely way to reminisce of times gone by, with a colourful and compact bubble art painting. Elle Smith has taken us back in time to this ancient time using the creativity of her bubble art painting.

Oil on Canvas, 8 by 10 inches (20 by 25cm)

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