Dubai in a Bubble

Inspired By Elle

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Dubai city has one of the most captivating skylines in the world. This city and it's contemporary architecture were an absolute must for the Inspired By Elle Bubble Art Collection. 'Dubai in a Bubble' is a brilliant celebration of this fascinating city in a bubble art painting produced by Elle Smith.

This compact art painting is stunning as it is minimalist, yet detailed and colourful. Here a dark, rich purple is used to denote grandeur and style in the colouring of the bubble sphere which surrounds the skyline of this city. We anticipated that not everyone will be able to visit this awesome city of "tomorrow", so we have produced a video to showcase some images and our own painting of 'pearl' of the United Arab Emirates. The music in this video is mesmerising!

Dubai in a Bubble would make a lovely luxury gift for any home, or indeed a memento of a holiday vacation to this city. This sophisticated memento of Dubai City as a stylish bubble art painting.

Oil on Canvas, 8 by 10 inches (20 by 25cm)

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