Connecté en Cercles

Inspired By Elle

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Connecte en Cercles is a simple and yet sophisticated contemporary abstract art painting around the theme of relationships. UK artist, Elle Smith works out of London, producing uniquely composed artwork, which inject alternative perspectives to themes and ideas. This abstract art painting is inspirational for us to appreciate people. Captured in a compact oil painting which may only be purchased upon request.

Connection is a wonderful thing, as it provides a sense of belonging and care. However, we do not always recognise immediately those connections in life, or how our lives impact on the lives of others. Connecte en Cercles demonstrates unlimited  or countless permutations of circles as there is no start or end to their circumference.

We often remark what a small world it is, but do we truly consider our connection to others or the impact of our lives on others. The artist has used a series of circles as they have no start or end, to show interlocking relationships. An abstract art painting which is not only simple but also meaningful for home and business alike. A poem of Connecte en Cercles in french explains the inspiration behind this contemporary abstract art painting.

Oil on Canvas, 12 by 10 inches (30 by 25cm)

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