Cities in Bubbles

Inspired By Elle

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This abstract art painting in oils is truly unique as it colourfully captures 4 cityscapes in bubbles. Cities in Bubbles is inspired by memories of those locations, this is truly a unique piece of contemporary art. Elle Smith has found a unique way to capture memories in oil paints using bubbles.

We all have favourite cities or places which hold special memories for us. Placing those locations in bubbles allows us to 'capture' the memory of that place and time safely to float away into infinity. The cities depicted here in their trademark colours are Paris, Rome, Amsterdam and New York. Cities in Bubbles is an original art concept, which will delight all who view this art painting offering a unique discussion point.

The signature colours of pink, blue, red and yellow are used for each cityscape as the bubble colour to showcase this selection of favourite escapes. Simply a unique way to produce an image rather than using photographs. Cities in Bubbles by Elle Smith is a truly unique bubble art oil painting to celebrate these amazing cities in contemporary style. An abstract art painting which provides a unique way to collect memories of these famous cities.

Oil on Canvas, 16 by 20 inches (40 by 50cm)

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