Blurred Lines

Inspired By Elle

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An abstract art interpretation of the contemporary phrase "Blurred Lines'. Captured in minimalist oil paints, Elle Smith explores and interprets this theme in her abstract art painting. UK artist Elle takes contemporary themes and interprets them with multiple perspectives, as we all know 'Blurred Lines' often cause different concepts to be evoked to many people.

We can stare deeply at a piece of artwork, and see something completely different to a person viewing that art at the same time. 'Blurred lines' cleverly shows that the eyes decode what we see differently to different people. Take a moment to test this, as your first impression may show you something completely different to subsequent views.

Our artist has simplistically shown that people view situations differently, as even this abstract art painting will reveal different elements to those who view it. The message delivered in this art is one of understanding and celebration of our differences. A video and poem have also been composed to accompany this artwork, as is always our aim to reach as many people through the delivery of educational and inspirational art.

Blurred Lines is minimalist, stylish abstract art which has the added perspective of evoking alternative viewpoints. A truly unique abstract art painting by London artist, Elle Smith.

Oil on Canvas, 20 by 8 inches (50 by 20cm)

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