Petit St. Vincent is a Secret Luxury Paradise

Petit St. Vincent (or 'PSV' to those in the know) is a secret, luxury paradise resort, nestled in the Windward Islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, with coastlines in the Atlantic and Caribbean Seas. Privately owned and extremely exclusive, this is a location that offers all those elements we seek in treasured escapes.

    Petit St. Vincent - Luxury Resort Map          Petit St. Vincent - Luxury Resort Ariel View of Island

All images are courtesy of Petit St. Vincent Private Island Resort


 You may not have heard of this island, well would you share one of the most intimate places still remaining on the planet with everyone? Privacy is in abundance, so this resort is a favourite of A-list celebrities, executives and those wanting to truly escape everyday life.

Indeed, this tiny luxury resort has no cell phone tower, and discourages the use of mobile phones in public areas. However, most guests soon acclimatise to the technology detox when they discover the natural beauty surrounding them.


Accommodation is provided in twenty-two one or two bedroomed cottages, which have volcanic stone clad walls, as indeed many of these islands are volcanic. Each cottage has a spacious lounge, bedroom, bathroom and patio with a hammock. Conventional room service is time-warped by a yellow and red flag system, which is monitored by staff who deliver your exquisite food and beverages via golf buggies. However, if you want to sleep undisturbed then you simply rotate to a red flag, indicating to staff that you have no need for services.

Petit St. Vincent - Luxury Resort - 2 Bedroom Cottage          Petit St. Vincent - Luxury Resort Cottage at Night

The cottages are 'gifted' with beautiful sandy beaches, where you can arrange for a beach picnic as you lounge in the sun. The resort is fully inclusive, providing three meals and all non-alcoholic beverages as part of the package. Basic leisure pursuits are included in your package from windsurfing, snorkelling, the use of small boats and even tennis. Yoga and massages can be arranged at the Hillside Spa and Wellness Centre, where the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage with coconut oils, performed by two therapists,  will melt all your aches away. Of course, massages can be arranged in the privacy of your cottage as well.


The food is simply to die for, especially as guests are spoiled by the catch of the day, with the menu changing nightly at the two restaurants in the communal areas. Dishes are prepared in Asian fusion and Caribbean styles, by resident chef Andi Cahyono, using produce grown in the kitchen garden just inches away from the hotel kitchen. Fresh takes on new meaning as the resort owns about four hundred free-roaming chickens for fresh daily eggs.
Of course, not all dishes are created equal, and the simplistic barbecued grilled lobster is just one of them. This is a definite taste from heaven, as accompanied with champagne the world around you just melts away. This dish is must when visiting Petit St. Vincent!

 Petit St. Vincent - Luxury Resort Barbecue Cuisine          Petit St. Vincent - Luxury Resort Fine Cuisine Dish

Intimate Weddings

This location is like a fairytale come true. The island is remote and private, surrounding with crystal clear waters filled with beautiful marine life. There is space to invite your closest friends and family as this luxury resort can accommodate up to fifty-five guests. Depending on the time of year, and of course availability, you can even hire the whole island for a truly personal ceremony. You will be treated like royalty, pampered and most importantly collect, timeless memories of this cherished location. 
All arrangements can be made for a wedding official to perform your nuptials, as well as beautiful touches made by the staff to ensure a magical day, or several days of beautifully, intimate events for your guests. One special location is a rendez-vous for lunch, a picnic or brunch on Sandy Isle, which is a tiny island with just enough space for two plus a canopy to enjoy quality time.

Petit St. Vincent - Luxury Resort Sandy Island Wedding          Petit St. Vincent - Luxury Sunset Wedding

Outdoor Pursuits

There are so many things to do in this location, that the world is literally your oyster. PSV although a small island at 115-acres, it is packed with adventure, and yet plenty for those wanting quieter activities, including trekking and exploring the coastline.
Surrounding by perfect coral reefs, this location is perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving. The resort has collaborated with Jean-Michel Cousteau, who is the son of the legendary Jacques Cousteau to open Jean-Michel Cousteau Diving Caribbean, which is a diving school with expert tuition and PADI accreditation. 
The marine life around these islands is magical with colourful arrays of species visible from the water's surface. Diving is a treat amongst the Tobago Cays, where you will swim with barracudas, sleeping nurse sharks, rays, green sea turtles and other unique species. There is even an old English gunship wreck, the Purini Wreck, which sunk in 1918 and is now home to numerous marine creatures. The Mayreau Reefs are equally breath-taking.
Carriacou and Tobago Cays are perfect adventure trips. The first island of Carriacou (or 'Kayryouacou') means land surrounded by reefs. Tobago Cays has the Baradal Turtle Sanctuary where you will be able to see the amazing green sea turtles up, close and personal.

Petit St. Vincent - Luxury Resort Scuba Diving          Petit St. Vincent - Luxury Resort Sailing


The resort and its partners, like Jean-Michel Cousteau, actively promote conservation, biodiversity and ultimately adopt respect for their stunning surroundings. Guests participate by non-use of mobile phones, technology and adopt the harmonic way of life at the resort.
Water is collected naturally at the resort as part of their eco-sustainability programmes, using reverse-osmosis and desalination at their own plant and bottling installation to produce their own glass-bottled water. Care is taken by the resort to not impact on the precious coral reefs surrounding the island.
This island is definitely 'green', recycling fallen leaves for compost, actively planting and even producing its own tropical fruit, vegetables and herbs on site. Water is even recycled rather than placed into the surrounding sea, as this may encourage the growth of algae, which may introduce harmful pathogens to the coral reef.

 Petit St Vincent - Luxury Resort Ariel View of Islands          Petit St. Vincent - Luxury Resort Marine Wildlife - Green Sea Turtle

How to get there

Well, it is recommended that you use a good travel agent to make your arrangements to arrive in the luxury resort of Petit St. Vincent as there are even more options with the opening of Argyle International Airport on 14 February 2017. You can still arrive via Barbados, Grenada or St Lucia but need to connect to Union Island to be collected on the Poseidon water taxi service to PSV.
However, if you truly want to make your luxury experience private and exclusive, then you can fly to Carriacou on a private jet, or arrange a yacht or sail boat to bring you directly to Petit St. Vincent. It is important to note that you cannot fly directly to the island, and the nearest island for flights is Union Island.
Another magical touch is your arrival at the pier on PSV, as you are met by a fleet of golf buggies to whisk you to your beautiful cottage. On arrival you are greeted by the hotel's staff with delicious, Caribbean cocktails. This is indeed a taster for the perfect attention to detail during your stay.

Petit St. Vincent - Luxury Resort Room Service Golf Buggies          Petit St. Vincent - Luxury Resort Flag System for Room Service

We will not dwell on details as this takes away from the experience, and ideally you need to just experience this trip rather than being preoccupied with arrangements and costs. We are not even going to mention prices, as what price would you place on the ultimate luxury experience. Of course, it is priceless!
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