Portraits- The Ladies

The female form is captured beautifully in this collection of celebrity portraits, encompassing a variety of beautiful, well-known faces from around the world. The portraits may be requested for purchase as framed prints, making them the ideal choice for someone who would like to give the gift of inspirational art.

The detail in these portraits is brilliant as the skin has a surreal quality, which literally brings the portraiture to life. Eyes that are a window to the soul, which literally follow you around a room with a reality of the human form.

"As you probably know my art and poetry were both inspired by someone who is very dear to me. It's quite funny how in life you meet people who are full of positive energy, and around whom, you literally feel that anything is possible. Creativity does need to be nurtured, and certainly being around people who are interesting, fun and challenging will open those channels of your character. Although from certain viewpoints it was clear that I was creative, I had not really explored artist pursuits. Strangely enough it was drummed out of me at school, as not being a career that would really amount to anything. However, I now see that my creativity was always present, just masked and fulfilling other challenges as I pursued other more traditional career paths."