Commercial Collection

This Commercial Collection art gallery comprises of some colourful and uplifting commercial art which would be perfect for a commercial or business setting, restaurants, hotels, hospitals or as office artwork. Given the versatility of artist, Elle Smith, these commercial art paintings would be equally suited to the home. This appreciates that a growing number of people now work from home, however need to provide an appropriate setting for clients. Elle Smith's business art bridges this need by providing multi-functional art, which is meaningful and interesting.

Elle Smith is an emerging talent, and her work has great suitability for many concepts and equally to diverse settings. The artwork in this commercial art collection can also be leased by arrangement, or licensed. We can also undertake custom projects to meet your commercial needs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

"This commercial collection was specifically created for suitability to commercial environments including office, hotel, therapeutic, government, hospitals and other business settings as these commercial art paintings are capable of alighting large areas to relax and please clients and customers alike. These art paintings have, as always, been created with great passion and the themes depicted within the paintings, were equally given carefully thought."

We know that it may be difficult to select suitable office artwork, so we are here to help. Elle Smith is available for commissions as we appreciation that you may wish your commercial art collection of business art paintings or designs to be unique and personal, so please contact us if you require a personalized service.