The Magic of Bananas - Cook Book

Inspired By Elle

    • 'The Magic of Bananas' is just what it says on the tin, a compact book filled with interesting and intriguing facts about bananas, as well as delicious recipes with this key ingredient.
    • The fact is that we need to achieve quality sleep for our body to recuperate and maintain good health. This book has handy sections with information, tips and ideas to aid a dreamy night of sleep.
    • This cook book by Elle Smith is filled with many interesting facts about bananas, such as the odour of bananas acting as an appetite suppressant. Equally, it is little known that bananas are a great way to increase energy levels, especially during exercise.
    • Bananas are widely used in the Caribbean and other tropical countries in a variety of way, apart from simply in the diet.
    • Here are some of the sections included in The Magic of Bananas:
      • Nutritional Values of Bananas
      • Unique Facts about Bananas
      • Banana Recipes
      • Massage Health Benefits of Bananas
    • Many people do not utilize bananas to the maximum in recipes. Elle has included ten delicious and unique recipes, all made using bananas as the key cooking ingredient.
    • The Magic of Bananas is the perfect compact cook book for anyone interested in food, who enjoys learning and stretching their palette to more ethnic recipes. The whole banana is utilized in more tropical countries, and here we share a few of those recipe ideas. The 'cool' recipes include:
      • Banana Fritters,
      • Banana Soufflés,
      • Banana Bread
      • Fried Plantains
      • Barbecued Chocolate and Rum Bananas.
    • Also available as an eBook version.
    • 25.4 by 20.3cm
    • 44 pages
    • Soft cover
    • Educational and Fun information about Bananas
    • 10 Recipes featuring Bananas
    • Easy to read language
    • Suitable for all readers
    • *Please note there is no title on the spine of this book
    • ISBN 978-1-9999-023-2-2

Type: Book

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