Guide Book - Secrets of Sleep

Inspired By Elle

    • Colour Well, it is not much fun when you cannot sleep! This compact guide book titled 'Secrets of Sleep' is just what you need to address the issue. This book by Elle Smith was produced as a result of the huge interest in the article, How to inspire an amazing night's sleep, which offers strategies to combat wakefulness.
    • The fact is that we need to achieve quality sleep for our body to recuperate and maintain good health. This book has handy sections with information, tips and ideas to aid a dreamy night of sleep.
    • Here are some of the sections included in the Secrets of Sleep guide book:
      • Why can't I sleep
      • How much sleep do you need
      • Importance of a good night's sleep
      • Foods you should not eat when going to bed
      • Top secrets of a good night's sleep
      • Massage - A vital key to having a good night's rest
      • Your worry list
    • Many readers of the article above identified with stress about things to do and problems, as being a key issue to a restful night of sleep. The 'Worry List' concept is one that clearly works, and this book offers a section for you to discard your problems when they disturb you at night, and then to address them later in the day.
    • The 'Secrets of Sleep' is an easy-read book, to prompt you to a perfect sleep-time routine and many hours of dreamy sleep.
    • 25.4 by 20.3cm
    • 46 pages
    • Soft cover
    • Tips and ideas on how to create a dreamy sleep routine
    • Easy to read language
    • Suitable for all readers
    • *Please note there is no title on the spine of this book
    • ISBN 978-1-9999-023-1-5

Type: Book

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