How to Style your Luxury Fashion Accessories - How to Book

Inspired By Elle

    • How to Style your Luxury Fashion Accessories' is your guide on how to be a fashion trendsetter, by clever use of the right accessories. This how to book offers advice to both men and women, as to choosing the right fabric, style and design of those extras to ooze confidence, and of course luxury style.
    • Let's face it - Accessories can make, or "break" an outfit. It's not always an easy thing to know what to add to accentuate an outfit, how to showcase your personality and style, and ultimately how to achieve a luxury look.
    • Here are some of the sections included in How to Style your Luxury Fashion Accessories:
      • Essential Fashion Accessories for Men,
      • Essential Fashion Accessories for Women,
      • Is Luxury Fashion affordable?
      • How to create a custom of Fashion Jewellery,
      • Ethical and Sustainable Accessories,
      • Fashion Accessories for Occasions.
    • Many of us have accepted that we have a responsibility to the planet, to make informed choices when we shop, to ensure our clothing choices do not impact the environment negatively. We have therefore included a list of ethical and sustainable retailers for both male and female clothing accessories.
    • This book will hone your skills in choosing the right accessory for work, occasions and even casual dress events.
    • 25.4 by 20.3cm
    • 32 pages
    • Soft cover
    • List of Ethical and Sustainable retailers
    • Easy to read language
    • *Please note there is no title on the spine of this book
    • SBN 978-1-9999-023-3-9

Type: Book

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