Colour Us Back From History - Men | Educational Colouring Book

Inspired By Elle

    • Colour Us Back From History (Men) by Elle Smith is a unique concept in colouring books.
    • This colouring activity book is great for adults and children alike. The reader is given a short biography and quote from each character documented in easy-read format. An educational colouring book which allows you to learn and relax at the same time. Ten male personalities are covered in a précis of their achievements and why they deserve recognition in our history. Each book becomes a unique keepsake as the reader's imagination inspires the colouring of the characters to offer the perfect learning experience.
    • Each character illustrated is symbolically given significance as they come into full colour.
    • Colour Us Back from History (Men) provides a compact way to absorb key information about ten male personalities, including:
    • Nikola Tesla,
    • Henry Heyl,
    • Michael Collins,
    • Percy Julian,
    • Francis James Canova,
    • Lord Snowdon,
    • Jack Garman,
    • Alfred Russel Wallace
    • Bayard Rustin,
    • Elisha Gray.
    • The reader is able to therapeutically colour in the illustrations composed by Elle Smith. These books are definitely that special gift or birthday present for all ages, where the book becomes a unique keepsake of the reader’s imagination and their perception of those male personalities.
    • A great activity book for children during holidays, travelling or for 'rainy' days. Of course, this book would also make a great, unique gift for adults and children alike.
    • 25.4 by 20.3cm
    • 46 pages
    • Soft cover
    • Short biography for each personality covered
    • Illustrations by Elle Smith
    • Easy to read language
    • Suitable for Teenage and Adult readers
    • *Please note there is no title on the spine of this book
    • ISBN 978-1-9999-023-5-3

Type: Book

Customer Reviews

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Liz Pomeroy
~~ 10 men from history for you to colour and learn about. ~~

Here's who's included in this informative, educational, colouring book:
Michael Collins * Francis James Canova * Lord Snowdon * Jack Garman * Elisha Gray * Alfred Russel Wallace * Nikola Tesla * Henry Heyl * Percy Julian * Bayard Rustin

There is a brief biography of each man provided BEFORE the coloring picture. We are also given, most times, a fun fact and notable quote. Irish, British, American - quite a mixture here and each one is different in their achievements, inventions etc. Amazing how each one contributed to society, many of them contributing inventions that were definitely fore-runners of the technology we take so forgranted today.

A interesting book/learning tool to inspire you into doing more research on the men in question.

Many thanks Liz for the review of our educational colouring book, Colour Us Back from History (Men)!!

It certainly is an eye-opener that many of these gentlemen created the first stages to the technologies we have today, or achieved such amazing feats under the radar. You NAILED IT on the concept as these books are designed to inspire the readers - young or old, to research and find out more :)

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