Why emotional art is the best purchase?


You will have heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and artwork that does this is something to be cherished. The act of purchasing art paintings is a fun and amazing thing, but you may not have considered why purchasing emotional art would be the smartest choice.

Here are some reasons why emotional art has benefit as:

  • It is truly unique
You will find that there is something satisfying and inspired about having a piece of distinct artwork inside your home. An art painting which provides emotional connection is by nature a one-off, as emotions are always singular depending on the particular time and how the artist was feeling whilst painting the piece. The fact that an artist can capture raw emotion in a medium is a rare talent, as something intangible has been converted into something tangible. Photographs do not translate quite the same, as even though they capture a displayed emotion, it is ‘frozen’ at a particular time. An artist captures, translates and re-creates that feeling in their artwork. This ability is evident when you can look at the painting and be overwhelmed by the emotions painted into the piece.

  • This art provides a connection to the artist
An emotional artwork can literally allow you to look into the mind and soul of the artist, as to how they have interpreted something and translated it to your artwork. It is a rare opportunity to understand how the artist uses colours, mediums and techniques to translate feelings or mood. An original artwork allows you to literally get “up, close and personal” with the artist you select.
  • Makes a house feel like a “home”
You will find that there is something satisfying about having a piece of distinct artwork inside your home. It is much more meaningful, and will make a difference to the ambience and atmosphere of your home.

An emotional artwork begs to be the main point of a room. Thus, whether your taste runs to the bold and vintage or graphic landscapes, the artwork you pick is bound to offer you large impact within your space, it is the unique element that brings that ‘wow-factor’ to a room.

  • Gives inspiration
This is so true as even for me, I literally find inspiration in certain paintings. The common element to these artworks is the emotional connection. I have painted some portraits with such deep feeling and connection for the subjects; that this shines through in the artwork. I noticed that in one of the portraits I had captured the realism of the eyes perfectly. The upshot was that the eyes literally watch and follow you as you look at the portrait. This talent is shared with one of the great masters of art.
You can rejuvenate and refresh your spirit, by looking at those paintings that you really love. Now, why not offer yourself the gift or regular inspiration by keeping up a small artwork you like.
  • It will stand the test of time
Longevity should always be a consideration when purchasing art, especially if you are viewing the purchase as an investment. A painting with feeling is what will make the difference as to you being endeared to artwork for a number of years.
  • Likelihood of accruing in value

Any art painting which will translate emotion to many people is likely to be, or will in time become valuable. I say that in the sense, that of course, an original artwork has value. However, a piece with this skill is likely to become sought after in time.