What does Love mean?

What does Love Mean?


Love means many things at different times,

which makes it mean so much to me.

It means I know I am wanted,

each time he smiles sweetly with glee.


Love needs no promises or contracts,

your heart is bound indeed.

It surpasses all expectations,

as it’s engraved firmly in your deed.


Love bears all suffering,

and easily does not scare.

It gives affection unconditionally,

enough to last many a year.


Love means total devotion,

to the one you truly love.

You give to them raw emotion,

qualified as over and above.


Love sees total perfection,

even though it is not there.

You see it views from inside out,

your inner beauty in its glare.


Love is truly the best emotion,

as we travel through our lives.

It is only important to have ever loved,

even if ultimately you don’t get the prize.