I suspended time,

so I could clearly see,

with the knowledge of now,

how I needed to be.


It made me realize,

I could have been,

a better son,

or even a better man.


I squandered time,

selfishly for me.

Not giving to those,

who really needed me.


Every day is abundant,

in chance and of time.

Allowing you to grow,

into a person who is refined.


We all buy possessions,

taking them to our hearts.

Acquiring random gratification,

which sadly will never last.


Life is but a journey,

we all play this game.

Building strong relationships,

must ultimately be the aim.


Learn the lesson quick,

as time is a priceless gift.

Make sure to never look back,

ever a day to feel miffed.


Begin with the aim,

to enjoy in every way.

Remember it’s people that count,

at the end of the day.