The Importance of Words

Once upon a time,

I was told that words could never hurt.

It now seems the opposite,

as they are so powerful, especially when curt.


Pronouncing them may be difficult,

causing enormous feelings and delay,

The shorter the word it seems,

the greater the effort to relay.


Words may be painful,

and affect the way that we behave.

They cannot be retracted,

as in your mind forever they engrave.


Love is an example,

changing a relationship to something firm.

Once said is gone your singularity,

as from thence your “one” you confirm.


Goodbye is another,

you state your intent to leave.

Of course it may be temporary,

but sometimes there is no reprieve.


A word can represent your name,

in the world you are identified.

It may be your claim to a fortune,

or the reason it is denied.


Words are so important,

we must take great caution when said,

Always use them with care and respect,

because there are no U-turns when read.