The Cycle of Bullying

You ask why I bully,

I guess it’s difficult to see.

The reason is simple,

someone did it to me.

I know two wrongs,

never make one right.

Thought is not given,

as you act out of spite.

It was a dominant girl,

in my GREAT relationship.

I can see it clearly now,

she was actually a bitch.

The guys at the office,

were really just as bad.

You have to be macho,

whilst inside you are sad.

I know I am well…

emotionally weak.

Some people actually think,

that this makes me a freak.

For a few moments,

when others I do hurt.

YEAH, I do feel strong!

It never is long-lasting,

upon realizing I’ve done wrong.

Inside I hate myself,

as I know how they feel.

There I am at the beginning,

with what makes this real.