The Commitment Bubble

The Commitment Bubble


I used to think that when the time came this would be easy,

but ‘whoa’ was I so wrong. 

You see... it’s not about what you believe and want,

as the other person may have, a different song.


I used to think that LOVE could conquer all,

when at last I met him, and thought that we belong. 

He wanted a career, lifestyle and everything that glistered,

and pushed his heart along.


Boldly he sacrificed his happiness,

and told me in that song. 

The words still coldly echo… each time I hear it play,

over and over you wonder why, this was not to be lifelong.


As a passenger who only found out when she had been let go,

his love was not so strong.

I say to you again about commitment,

that “it’s not about you”, as it’s so easy to go wrong.