Secret Valentine

It’s been a few years since first we met,

without a single memory to regret.

Our love took time to mature like wine,

today I announce, it’s time for you to be mine.

Each day without you is wasted time,

as there’s no purpose or sync in this life.

Together with you the hours just melt,

each moment filled with memories immense.

I had to realize with no other could it ever be right,

which is why I miss you each and every night.

Sometimes I sense you during the day,

remembering our passion as together we played.

There is a warmth flowing across my soul,

just like you feel it too, and need me to be whole.

These moments of connection keep you near,

undoubtedly you are my twin spirit, my dear.

I hope you read these words out loud,

to know I am devoted and ever so proud.