Scallops with Attitude


Scallops with Attitude

“An amazing starter or party piece for nibbles before dinner or a buffet!”


Unique Recipe for Scallops with Attitude by Elle Smith Inspired By Elle Creativity in the Kitchen



About 20 fresh, large Scallops, without roe

10 to 20 rashers of maple-flavoured Streaky Bacon (see recipe*1)

large can containing 20 Water Chestnuts

Pepper to garnish

Fresh Red Chilli, if desired as an optional extra



  1. Place the scallop on a chopping board and generously season with pepper.
  2. Place a single water chestnut on top of the scallop.
  3. Wrap the scallop with water chestnut on top with the bacon pieces. You may only need half a rasher*1, if the rashers are long to wrap each scallop but it depends on size of both the scallops and bacon. You can wrap in a few slithers of chilli pepper at this point if you want the dish to have some kick.
  4. Grill in a hot oven until the bacon is crispy on top.
  5. Serve immediately with champagne cocktails.


“This unique recipe is simple but a definite crowd pleaser, the tray WILL be empty very quickly when you offer this starter to your guests!”