Please Listen..


“Where did my voice go?”

No one really cared,

as the bullies attacked me,

my friends all disappeared.


I learned to ignore the words,

in my own silence I remained.

Inside of me was in turmoil,

feeling deep pain, at the shame.


The clever ones were covert,

as they disguise the jibes.

Nevertheless, I felt each and every one,

as customarily I tried to hide.


One day I realized I was not alone;

ferociously slapped across the face,

crying, intimidated and trembling,

she handed over her phone.


She and I became friends,

now in unity we stand.

The reasons do not really matter,

a bully is the weaker one.


We realized one important lesson,

to give us back a voice.

Choose your friends very carefully,

being together is greater than one.